Generally, most folks ask: “How many sessions will it take to train my dog and how much will it cost?” My answer will vary depending on your training needs.

When did you get your dog and where did it come from? How old is your dog? Have you and your dog had any basic training? What types of behavior problems is your dog exhibiting?

Some training needs can be resolved within the first visit/consultation. For example (1) a particular training or behavior problem needs to be addressed (2) we are doing early puppy training, or (3) we are doing preliminary obedience work.

Every dog and owner is different. Every dog is capable of learning, but at his/her own level and speed. I invite you to visit my testimonial page.

CONSULTATION (approximately 3 hours)*

$150 – new puppy
$150 – $300 (depending on complexity/severity of behavior issues and training requirements)

TRAINING SESSIONS – $100 (approximately 2 hours)*

* a nominal travel fee may apply if you are located outside of my northeast Kelowna service area.
* an extra fee may apply for multiple dogs.