Life can be very confusing for a dog without proper training, leadership and guidance. Dogs aren’t necessarily bad, disobedient, or aggressive. They are usually just dogs displaying symptoms of stress, anxiety and fear.

A dog is not capable of understanding human values. That is why it the responsibility of humans to understand their dog’s canine values. By properly communicating to your dog what you expect, he will learn the relevance of his behaviors.

The way your dog behaves when it reaches full maturity is a culmination of his/her history and conditioning. If you have a dog exhibiting some sort of behavior or control problem, this is the result of something, not the cause.

Most behavior and training problems begin at home, which is why I specialize in private, in-home training services. This is also why I encourage all family “pack” members to participate in the training and learning process.

Whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent or adult, I can provide training solutions based on training needs. I offer flexible, in-home training services designed to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. My dog training services are delivered with fun, compassion and respect for both owners and their dogs.

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